Pure Brightness Festival Notice



Pure Brightness Festival , with the arrival of spring, marks a time of reverence and remembrance. As a photovoltaic new energy 

enterprise, we extend our heartfelt wishes, offering a breath of fresh air and clarity under the clear skies. During this traditional 

festival, we pay homage to our ancestors, commemorate the heroic spirits, and express gratitude for the gifts of nature, 

nurturing our shared home.

Pure Brightness is a convergence of remembrance and sorrow, yet also a dawn of new life and hope. In the realm of photovoltaic 

new energy, we harness the power of technology to advocate for green development, contributing our part to the environmental 

sustainability of our planet. Each solar inverter represents a pledge to the future, and every utilization of clean energy is a testament 

to our stewardship of the ecosystem.

May we join hands in building a better home, allowing the sunlight of Pure Brightness to illuminate our future. Wishing everyone 

a sense of gratitude and a dedication to cherishing the present moment, as we collectively strive to create a brighter tomorrow!


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